2018 MWBCR Calendar

Photo Submissions are NOW CLOSED for 2018 calendar year!

We are looking for Border Collie photos to use in our 2018 fundraising calendar. The final calendar will be available at our annual picnic in September and then on our website. Border Collies photos from anywhere, and all types of Border Collies are welcome. They do not have to be MWBCR Alumni to enter.

The entry fee is 3 pictures for $9, 6 for $15 or 10 photos for $20. This money helps offset the calendar’s printing costs.  In addition, we welcome donations.

Anyone who donates pictures will receive a coupon to purchase a calendar at a discounted rate.

Category Ideas (but not limited to):
Winter/Snow, Alumni, Water Play, Spring/Fall, Agility, Frisbee, Herding, Puppies, Sports, head shots, etc…

Thank you!
All donations go through PayPal or
you can mail your entry fee to:

MWBCR Calendar Donations
2705 Skyline Drive
Crystal Lake, IL  60012

Photo Requirements  (please pay entry fee above)

  1. The photo subject(s) must be a Border Collie or Border Collie Mix.
  2. The photo must be in a .jpg format minimum of 150 dpi but prefer 300 dpi .
  3. If a professional photograph is submitted, we must have the photographer’s release and contact information.
  4. The higher resolution, the better. Unfortunately, we cannot use photos of lower quality. Lower resolution photos, no matter how great a shot, will simply print out too fuzzy at full-page size.
  5. Please submit all photos in their original, unedited form. Collages, special effects, text, and other elements you may add might conflict with the style and format of the final calendar.
  6. There is a limit of 10 photos you may submit. All dogs must be identified in the photos.
  7. Please do not crop photos, we will crop if necessary.

Submission Procedure  (please pay entry fee above)

  1. Make absolutely certain that your photo meets all of the requirements listed above.
  2. Email your photo submissions. Please include your name, address, phone number and email address so we can contact you with any questions.
  3. By submitting your photograph you give MWBCR permission to use the photograph for the 2018 Calendar.
  4. Entries will be accepted until August 1, 2016.
  5. We must receive your payment in order to use your photo.
  6. Questions? Please contact us.

Any entry that does not meet all of the requirements and follow the above procedures will not be eligible for the calendar. Page layouts will be determined by MWBCR.