Sex: Male
Age: 1-year Old
Weight: 50 lbs
Height: TBD
Color: Black and White
Activity Level: Active / Young
Located in: Northern Illinois (ContactChris)

January 19, 2018:  Auggie will be a year old on March 9th. He is up to 50 lbs. now. He is tall, slim, and very handsome. He is a sweet boy who loves to play, and very much likes people. He plays well with other dogs, but he is still learning to share his toys. He has not been exposed to babies, but he does like children. 

He will need to be fed separately from other dogs, and kept confined until the others finish. He likes Whimzees to satiate his need to chew. They also help keep his teeth clean. He sometimes chews on things he shouldn’t, but is easily redirected when offered something he is allowed to have. 

Auggie is kennel trained, but does not spend alot of time in it during the day. He usually sleeps in it at night to keep him out of the usual puppy trouble. He gets a treat as an incentive to get in it.

He will be getting neutered soon, so he he will be in foster care for another two to three weeks before he will be available for adoption until he has properly healed. 

November 22, 2017: Auggie has learned some new commands from a nice lady named Heather.

He shakes with alternate paws, sits and lays down on command.We are still trying to control his jumping up when he greets people.He gets very excited when someone comes in the door.

He has taken more of an interest in my cats, but he doesn’t try to hurt them.
Auggie is food and treat motivated. He loves to play with his toys and enjoys playing fetch. He doesn’t like to give up the ball right away, but its part of the game with him. 

October 28, 2017: Auggie has a new name! He was formerly known as Hopper and is looking for his forever home!

September 8th, 2017:  This week, we are teaching Auggie/Hopper the concept of Leave it. He likes to flip his water bowl over and run off with it. We are also still working on keeping him from jumping on people when they come through the door. He gets really excited, Even if he saw you ten minutes ago, he will still greet you with enthusiasm.

We have been spending lots of time outside, where he plays with his foster brother Duncan. He and Duncan like to run around the yard, and take turns stealing toys from one another. He is also learning to play fetch.We have tried some treat puzzles, but they are a bit over his head right now.

He is good with children, other than the jumping. He has started chasing the cats because he wants to play with them.They on the other hand, don’t want to.

When Auggie/Hopper gets tired, he finds one of his people, lays down next to them and goes to sleep. He is a very social, loving dog. When he wants something, he can be quite verbal.Sometimes he barks, and sometimes he tries to talk.He does get very energetic, but given the right outlet, he works it off. We have no doubt that with patience and a firm hand, he is trainable,

Auggie/Hopper is still teething, and makes use of the various toys and Whimzees we give him to satiate the need for him to chew on something. We have to keep a close eye on him, or he will tke a shoe or something else he shouldn’t have.

We have had some challenges with feeding him in the same room with one of my dogs. He eats his food, and then goes after hers. He doesn’t bother anyone else.We are currently feeding him in a different room from her.. He also likes to be the first to drink out of a fresh bowl of water, He sometimes sticks his nose in it, and blows bubbles.

August 8th, 2017: Hopper came to us on July 31st 2017. He’s an energetic puppy that likes to play. He runs after his foster brother Duncan when he’s fetching a ball. He loves to play in the wading pool water, and the water in his bowl. He can sit, and lay down when asked, but we are working on not jumping up to greet people.

Hopper is a bit under weight right now, so we are working on getting some meat on his bones.

He will need someone with the time, patience, and a firm hand, to train him. He likes to be around other dogs and people. He recently discovered that we have cats, but doesn’t quite know what to make of them. For now he just barks at them, as they admire him from high, and afar. He will be available for adoption on Aug. 21st. Check back often to see how this sweet boy progresses.