Sex: Male
Age: Approximately 3-4 years old
Weight 56lbs
Height: 20″
Color: Black and White
Activity Level: Currently Low due to medical restrictions
Located in: Minnesota Contact: Available this spring

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Bear will available for adoption in the spring (2018).

December 1st, 2017:  Bear was seen at the vet yesterday and the good news is he is now negative for intestinal parasites!

Unfortunately, Bear’s 4DX still showed an indication that the heart guard, steroids and antibiotics alone have not eradicated his heart worms.

Bear is scheduled to begin Melarsomine injections on 1/13/17. Bear will spend the night and be under observation to make sure he handles the first injection well and then enter into decreased activity level restrictions.

Bear should complete this round of his treatment mid March, at which time we will re test his 4DX. If at that time Bear shows is is negative for heart worms we will schedule his dental work/neuter.

Bear continue to love to spend time with his foster parents and their human child. He loves our nightly routine of dinner, medication then a long brushing session.

Bear started to show interest in some puzzle toys this week, which make have attributed to his 2lb weight increase from last month as they are treat based puzzles.

Bear has really been enjoying the mild weather and his scheduled walk times and is just the sweetest boy.


November 19th:  Meet Bear!  ear is approximately between 3 or 4 years old and a very sweet boy. He was found with another dog roaming along the side of the road on I-70 in Missouri. Bear did have micro chip and his owner was contacted. Upon discovering Bear was Heart Worm positive the owner blocked calls. Transport from Missouri to Minnesota to his current foster home went very smoothly.

Bear knows the follow commands: sit, stay, down, come, leave it and shake. Bear is very receptive to commands and eager to please. Bear has begun treatment for heart worms with oral medications and will also require dental treatment for a broken front left canine as well a to be neuter as he is currently intact.

During the day Bear respects a 30” gate that separates him into a tiled room where he can remain calm and rest through his heart worm treatment. Bear does go into a crate for naps.

Bear did initially try and mark in the house but we are working him in regards to appropriate house manners with a belly band and frequent trips to use the facilities. Within a few days Bear caught on not to mark in the house and his belly band is no longer required.

Bear seemed to not be interested in food for the first days and needed to be hand fed. I’m happy to report that Bear is now eating solid food on his own. Bear is currently enjoying Fromms Gold Adult Dog food (dry).

Bear is great with men, women and teenagers. he has been introduced to our resident senior spayed female and also did very well. Bear does not show any signs of distress or aggression while on leash, in regards to moving vehicles or wildlife. Bear is very inquisitive and receptive to commands.

Bear seems to be a velcro dog with lower activity. Bear is happy to be pet all day long and is very sweet affectionately giving kisses to whomever is showing him affection. This maybe not be an accurate description of his activity level at this time due to his current health condition.

Bear has tolerated grooming and bathing well. Bear seems to thoroughly enjoy being brushed and even allows his tail and hind quarters to be groomed without resistance.

Bear would be the perfect pet for someone that is new to the Border Collie breed. Bear will need to complete his heart worm treatment and dental work as well as undergo the procedure to be neutered before being eligible for adoption.