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MWBCR is a non-profit organization. We are funded solely through donations from our supporters. Don’t forget to check with your employer. Many companies will match your donation to our non-profit organization.

 Allison and Soda Guardian Angel Fund-for foster dogs with major medical expenses.

Allison Walsh was a young woman who loved animals and enjoyed being around them. She worked at the zoo and was passionate about her job and the research work she did. In 2005, she became a foster home for Midwest Border Collie Rescue and selected a dog by the name of Soda to be her first foster dog.  Allison was making great strides with Soda, but unfortunately shortly after an update on Soda’s progress, we received some terrible news. A close friend of Allison’s and a fellow MWBCR member reported that Allison had been killed  in a train derailment in Chicago. The tragic accident and Allison’s death hit national news. Soda (Ace) was later adopted by a wonderful women named Pam.  Soon after his adoption, Ace incurred some major medical expenses from a previously undetected bone spur.  MWBCR decided to set up a memorial fund  in Allison’s name to help our foster dogs with major medical expenses

Mailing Address

Donations can be mailed directly to-

MWBCR, 4619 Division Road, Waterford, WI 53185
Your donation is 100% tax deductible and all proceeds go to  help our dogs find their forever homes.  Many companies offer matching gift programs for charitable  donations.  A copy of our 501(c)3 tax exempt letter is available on request at the address above.  EIN # is 37-1438364.