Sex: Female
Age: 11 weeks
Weight: 9 pounds
Height: TBD
Color: Black & White
Activity Level: Puppy Active
Located In: SE Michigan (Contact Shellie)
Lily is a sweet little Border Collie Mix with a ton of energy and a desire to make friends and play the day away.  This girl is super smart and is doing fantastic with her potty training.  So much so, I’d say she is 99% trained!  Sometimes it’s so easy to get distracted and forget why we came out in the first place.  : )  She knows her name and either knows or is working on the following commands: no, sit, come, down, off, and let’s go.  Lily is crate trained and is quiet when crated.  She is eager to learn and loves to play wrestle with her litter mate and her “big sisters” in her foster home.  Lily will also quietly entertain herself playing with a toy or chewing on a bone when everyone else is tired and ready to nap.
She has recently switched from eating 3 times a day to twice a day and is doing great with it.  Lily is very treat motivated and loves to “work” for her treat.  She will even sit nicely for her treat when coming in from outside.  Patience is still something we are working on though, she gets so excited when the treat comes out!  Although Lily loves to play with the other dogs, she loves spending time with her people also.  Lily loves to give kisses and cuddle.  Lily is living with two children, ages 5 and 7, and two adult dogs.  We have taken a field trip to the neighbor’s house where they have amazing fluffy things called cats!  Lily was very curious and followed them around but, she was very respectful and didn’t try to chew on them or chase them.  Just a couple licks…
Lily will be getting her second round of vaccines on the 31st of May and will be ready to go to her home.  If interested in learning more about this adorable little face, please contact her foster Mom for more.