Sex: Female
Age: 1-year old
Weight TBD
Height: TBD
Color: Black and White, Purebred
Activity Level: TBD
Located in: Wisconsin Contact: Suzanne

Missy is a sweet, just-turned-1 yr old, purebred, deaf BC who previously lived outdoors on a farm. She’s gorgeous, has loads and loads of energy and not a mean bone in her body. She’s confident but wary of new things and needs time to adjust and learn. She had fun meeting a male Border Collie the other day so it appears she will be good with other dogs. She’s smart and an excellent traveler. She’s got some obsessive compulsive behaviors but hopefully once she develops more interests, she can be redirected to positive behaviors. First, she’s learning to look at people’s eyes – it seems as if they were never of use or interest to her before so she never looks for them. She’s also learning to accept and give affection appropriately. We’re working on house training. She likes being in the house!… except for the TV. That will take a little getting used to! She’s finding that frisbee can be super fun and that balls have a definite appeal. So far, we haven’t seen any sign of an off switch. Watching her run is a joy – she has a beautiful long stride, great flexibility and efficient movement. Missy will need a smart and dedicated owner. Her deafness really isn’t a handicap to her – it’s more of a handicap to her trainer. She’s worth it though!