Sex:  Female
Age: 11-weeks old
Weight: TBD
Height: TBD
Color: Black and White
Activity Level: Puppy Active
Located in: Central Iowa (Contact – Linda)

**Adoption Pending**

June 12th, 2017:  Nearly two weeks ago I had my umbilical hernia fixed.  The surgery went well and I have spent the last two weeks healing.  

The good news is I no longer have to wear the silly cone when I’m out of my crate and supervised and I can start playing again with my fur brother again.
I’m eating twice a day now but the surgery has messed with my sleep schedule a bit and I have been waking up foster mom a couple times a night.

I go see the vet again this week and if they say I’m all healed I can continue to search for my forever home

May 20th, 2017: My name is Mysti and here’s a bit of my story.  I’m an 11-week old female border collie and I’m very smart and a bit rambunctious.
I’ve been with my foster family for two weeks and have been learning all sorts of things.  I let them know when I need to go out, I sit politely before I get my food and for treats.  I’m also learning that not everything is a chew toy — shoes and plants are not.  I’m not destructive, just curious so that’s good.  My foster mom got me alligator cheweys made from potatoes that are great!  We are also working on “down,”  “come,” and “stay” but those are taking more time.  I sleep through the night and I love to cuddle with my foster family.  I especially love snuggling on a blanket with my foster brother.
Last week my foster mom and dad gave me a bath and trimmed my toe nails.  It wasn’t my favorite thing but they said I did great!
I also have a foster fur brother that is so much fun.  I love to wrestle with him. We also play tag inside and outside.  He is very gentle with me when we wrestle.
I like to get into the toy basket and pick out toys and take them to my favorite blanket or in the window seat cubby.  My foster fur brother likes tennis balls but I like my pink flamingo best.
Once I get my booster shots and micro chip I will be ready to find my forever home and go on adventures with my new family.