Sex: Female
Age: 1-3 years (estimated)
Weight TBD
Height: TBD
Color: Black and White, Purebred
Activity Level: Active
Located in:  Contact: Lori

Nestle arrived at her foster home December 29.  The vet thinks she’s at least one year old, but absolutely NO tartar on her teeth, so definitely not much more than 1-3 years old. She likely never went outside: she would just drop and go potty. I immediately put her on an every two-hour schedule during the day. After a couple of days, she would watch our BC, Karrington. She saw him and just dropped right where she was and went. To this day, she doesn’t sniff out a spot, she just drops and goes. The number of accidents in the house have greatly diminished, but not entirely gone…yet. On days that I am not at work, she has begun to get in my face to let me know she wants out. 

She is HW negative and fecal came back negative. GREAT news! I have begun her on HW and flea prevention, she is microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. She needs to return for a vaccine booster in a month.  We don’t think she is spayed. The vet shaved her to look for a scar and couldn’t find one. We think she’s in heat.

We think she was fed rawhide chews and table scraps. Knowing she was coming, a friend bought her a “Christmas package” containing raw hide. That’s all she ate for nearly three days. She goes through them quickly. We have had to hand feed her dog food. While she will take a couple of small handfuls from us and maybe a mouthful out of the bowl, she looks for rawhides.  She is very, very gentle when eating from your hand, further suggesting she was fed by hand from the table. We’ve nearly broken her of table surfing. She also loves to nibble on your hand. Almost like she uses it for a teething ring. She never chomps down though.

Nestle has no idea what to do on a leash.  She has been groomed! She did well and is a beautiful young lady!  She loves and seeks out attention. She has not rolled over for belly rubs, but loves her back and neck scratched.  Nestle loves to be spoken to and really tries to engage Karrington in play, but he sees it as his role to keep her out of where he doesn’t want her to be and herds her. She sees it as play.

THIS GIRL LOVES TO FETCH! The game ain’t over, until SHE says it’s over! We have to separate the fur babies for this, because Karrington finds it nonsense and really herds her. (Karrington was rescued 5 years ago from a shelter and has always been very business oriented). I think he likes her, but he does get a bit irritated with her energy. He is 7. 

She absolutely adores our 6-year old neighbor boy, hubby-Jim and our son, Michael.  Contrary to her reported fear of men! 

Nestle has come a very long way, in a short period of time. She was very scared when she arrived. She never responded to the names on her shelter paperwork (Prissy and Cissy), so because I love chocolate, she became Nestle. She began responding to that quickly. She has learned, come and come here, no, and her name. She is crated at night and when we are at work. She crates herself when she thinks Karrington is being a snob. Sometimes she just likes to nap after lots of activity and just goes in there and we leave the door open. She still needs to build her confidence, but she is very eager to please and be loved.  she would probably benefit from obedience training.