Training and Health Resources

Please find some resources to help your dog and you below. The items with an article followed by (PDF) are PDFs available from MWBCR for free. The images of book covers are recommended books available for purchase from Dogwise; MWBCR is an affiliate of Dogwise. If you purchase from this link or the Dogwise link on our homepage, Dogwise donates a portion of your purchase to MWBCR. We hope these resoureces help your dog(s) and you.

Focus/Attention Exercises

Auto Check In (PDF)

Treat Retreat (PDF)



General Dog information: Understanding Dogs; Relationships with Dogs

Dog Bite Prevention (PDF)

How to Interact with Dogs, Especially for Kids (PDF)

How NOT to Interact with Dogs, Especially for Kids (PDF)

Checklist for Bringing a New Dog Home (PDF)

Crate Training, House Training, & Home Alone

crate-training (PDF)

Home Alone by Ian Dunbar (PDF)

Home Alone/Separation Anxiety info by ASPCA (weblink)

House Training (PDF)

Pet Proofing Your House (Weblink) Thanks to MWBCR follower Anabel, 9, for recommending!



Fear, Anxiety, & Undesirable Behavior

APDT Resources to Common Training & Behavior Problems (link to webpage)

Ian Dunbar’s List of Free Resources to Common Undesirable Behavior Issues (link to webpage)

Canine Body Language; Multi-dog or dog-cat concerns

ASPCA Canine Body Postures (PDF)

Stress signs in Dogs (PDF)

Body Language- Fear in Dogs (PDF)

Introducing your dog to a new dog tips by ASPCA (webpage)

Introducing Dog to a Cat tips by ASPCA (webpage)



Health & Nutrition

Heartworm in dogs- American Heartworm Society (PDF)

Household Hazards (PDF)

How to read dog food labels (PDF)

Dog Food Advisor target=”_blank” (link to website)

Dr. Karen Becker’s Pet Video Library– Various Health, Nutrition and Training Topics (link to website)

Pet Emergency Care- provided by WVRC & some general info all dog owners should know (PDF)