Sex: Male
Age: 6 years old
Weight: 40 lbs.
Height: TBD
Color: Black and white 
Activity Level: TBD
Located in: St Louis Suburb, Missouri (ContactGeoff)

Rip has his own FB page!  Click HERE to follow his updates!

10/05/17 – Doc said I’m cleared for normal activity again! Boy am I so glad to be off restriction! Now I get to be back out and playing again with the rest of my canine family! Been so sad having to watch and not get to play with everyone.

Mom and dad took me to Petsmart to celebrate my release! They found a pokeball costume (what a pokeball is, I’ll never know, my parents claim to be nerds! Lol)

Dad says I’m free to start meeting new people and trying to find my new permanent home. He’s going to help me learn house and leash manners, as no one has ever done this for me.

Although I’m clear for normal activity, I’m not able to be adopted until at least October 20th, where I’ll find out if I got rid of those pesky heartworms. 

06/01/17 –  When people first meet Rip, they immediately comment on his huge smile and incredible temperament.  And they’re right to notice- he wears his glee right on his big white face.  Its hard to believe that Rip’s story is actually a cautionary tale of a fantastic dog being failed by an inappropriate home.  Originally purchased from a herding breeder by an elderly man, we can assume from his loving temperament and good behavior that he was raised in a home and treated very well.  Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, he was passed to a family member who chained him in their yard for the next 4+ years.  At some point during this time, he ended up contracting heartworms and breaking his front leg.  Neither condition was treated by a vet, leaving him with a bad limp and arthritis.  The final straw for the owner was when, in his extreme boredom, he escaped his chain and killed a chicken.  Faced with euthanasia or the shelter, lucky Rip found his way to volunteers of the MWBCR.