Sex: Male
Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: 43 lbs
Height: TBD
Color: Black and White
Activity Level: Low/Medium
Located in: Des Moines, Iowa  (ContactLinda)

August 20th, 2017: Meet Tucker

Hi! I’m Tucker!! I’m nearly 5 years old and LOVE attention! I like to snuggle with you whenever I get the chance and can’t get enough when you pet or brush me. I love kids and babies and have discovered that if I lay by their chair when it’s supper time they drop lots of goodies. I get along well with other dogs but have never been taught how to play with others and I will sometimes nip at my fur brother so my foster mom and dad are working on that with me and teaching me what it’s like to play. I’ve picked up the tennis ball a few times and a fuzzy toy but didn’t like the squeaker at all!

I really like going on walks and am good on the leash. My foster mom and I walk all over the neighborhood and I greet people politely when we meet them. We are working on not jumping on others to greet them. I know the command “back” so that I back away from the door when people come over and we are working on other basic commands like “sit”, “down”, and “come”. I can’t be trusted off leash yet so if you want me to run free I will have to have a fenced yard

I don’t like storms at all and will try to find a safe place to hide or snuggle up as close as I can to my foster mom or dad. My foster mom has given me some herbs to help when it storms. They help but I still like to be close to them when it thunders.

My teeth are sensitive so I like soft treats and mom pours chicken broth on my kibble to make it easier to eat.

I would love to become your “cuddle buddy!”