Sex: Male
Age: 10 Months Old
Weight: 37 lbs
Height: TBD
Color: Red and White Border Collie / Aussie Cross
Activity Level: Moderate Active
Located in: Northern Suburb of Chicago (ContactLiz)

August 24, 2017: Tucker has been with me for about three weeks now. His first foster suffered an injury, so I volunteered to take him until we can find his forever home!

Tucker is a sweet and sensitive boy who aims to please! He is very food motivated, and will do just about anything you ask for a treat! He is so proud of the fact that he can “give you paw”! Since Tucker is food motivated I do crate him for dinner with my other three dogs. Otherwise he will try to eat their food! He is extremely patient and will wait in his kennel to be fed, and waits until everyone else is done. I have also been having him “wait” for his treat until I give him the green light. He has done very well with this, and it has helped him with control.

Tucker is definitely a moderately active BC mix. I cannot believe how fast he can run, and blasts through my yard at full speed in the morning during play time. He also loves the tennis ball, and waits patiently for me to throw it for him. He needs some work on bringing it back, but he has the first part down! Tucker needs a job, and will definitely benefit from a home that wants to participate in BC related activities with him. I think he will make an amazing agility, flyball, or herding prospect. He needs mental and physical stimulation, or he will find something to occupy his time, and you may not be happy with the outcome! While Tucker will make a great companion, he needs much more than couch time and daily walks. Once he has been exercised he is perfectly content to lay on the couch next to me and nap with his head in my lap. He also LOVES giving sweet kisses, and even a little nibble from time to time.

Tucker gets along very well with my other dogs, but I do think he would thrive in a home where there is only one other dog or he is the only dog. He needs a canine companion that is more dominant, and willing to put him in his place. Tucker takes correction well, but playtime can get out of hand with my younger BC. A canine companion that is the alpha dog would be best. Tucker has not been exposed to cats, and I am not sure how he would react towards them.

I have walked Tucker past a park nearby that many young kids tend to frequent. He was extremely interested in the children and stimulated by their frenetic behavior. I would describe this as typical “herding” behavior and didn’t witness any aggressive tendencies towards them. His adopter will need to understand the relationship between dogs and children if they have young kids. The child will need to know how to respect Tucker, and vice versa. Personally, a family with BC experience would be preferable for Tucker, as they will understand the quirks and herding instincts of the breed, and how best to train and handle them. Tucker is extremely sensitive to correction, and will need a home that pursues positive reinforcement training only. He knows when he is bad, and will actually go into his crate for a time-out! He hates to disappoint me or anyone else in my family.

Tucker has had a rough start to life, and I want to ensure this next home is his last. He will make an awesome addition to the right family. This boy has captured my heart, and I cannot wait to see what he is capable of as he continues to develop. I cannot say enough good things about him, and hope you will take a chance on him by applying to adopt! Please reach out with any questions!

July 11, 2017:  Meet Tucker! He is a very sweet, active Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. From the time he has been with me he appears to be all Border Collie except for his tail. He has the naturally docked tail of an Australian Shepherd.

Tucker is all gangly legs and wet tongue! He is very anxious to please and learn. He gets along great with every dog he has met. He can be a bit overbearing at first but takes correction from other dogs well. I see some herding tendencies but not overly so. He likes to play chase and be chased. He is all about having fun but does settle well indoors.

He is potty trained and usually will go when asked.

I would like to say he is practically perfect in every way, but he is a work in progress.

He was only in his first home for 2 weeks because the kids were afraid of his activity level and some herdy behavior. His second home turned him in for a bite. The owner was playing tug with his leash and when she took it away he grabbed her wrist. He did not break the skin or do damage requiring medical attention. In the time I have had him I can see how this happened. He loves to play and watches intently. I was playing ball with him and if I didn’t throw it quickly enough he would try to take it from my hand. I believe he was just exhibiting excited puppy behavior and is in no way aggressive! I said ouch when he put his mouth on my hand and he immediately backed off. He has not done it since.

He needs work on leash walking. He is a real strong puller, so we will be working on this. He is good about going into his crate and I feed him there. He is not a food guarder, I can put my hand in his bowl, but he would challenge my other dogs for their food when he is done with his. He is very thin right now and I am hoping if he puts on a little weight this will improve on its own. My older dog is a slow eater and Tucker couldn’t stand watching her eat. He would bark and growl from his crate while she ate. Now after only a few days of telling him to be patient he sits quietly and waits.

Tucker has loads of potential and great willingness to please and bond with someone who will give him love, attention and structure. He also has the most gorgeous amber colored eyes!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get to know each other better!