Sex: Male
Age: 1 Year Old
Weight: 75 lbs
Height: 24″
Color: Black and White
Activity Level: Medium
Located in: Northern Chicago  (ContactToni)

August 20th, 2017:  Zeus is a big-hearted huggable boy with one blue eye and one brown eye, giving him a a distinctive look. He was a stray who landed in a Kentucky shelter, and was saved by a kind woman who fostered him until her job took her out of the country.

Zeus is easy to love. He’s a velcro dog who just wants to be where you are. He’ll put his head in your lap and will try to get you to play with him whenever he gets a chance. He knows a number of commands and learns new ones very quickly.

Zeus has settled in to his new foster home beautifully, sleeping in his crate quietly at night and sitting in it calmly when his foster mom is away. He gets along well with the other border collie in the house, and willingly shares toys and food. He’s perfectly house trained, a good eater and he has a nice off-switch.

His foster mom imagines that he’ll need a good-sized yard because he’s a big boy who has a long loping gait and loves to run. He’s exuberant and sometimes can’t help greeting you a little too enthusiastically, so a rowdy, sports-loving, loud family might be just the ticket.